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"Hi world."

This is the most popular, every programmer's first software. Everyone started writing programs starts with it.

This site itself is a sort of "Hello World". I have written a lot of code (better or worst) and long ago wanted to write such a kind of "Hello World". But it is not just about the software. We live outside computers, right?

It is about exhibitionism. Most of the people want to express themselves in a way. Me too. So let me do it.

Since I am not sure which part of me I wanna show, I will throw out in the GRID1 different things.

The interesting part comes when you - the reader get something in your favor from my exhibitionism. Then I will know it is not in vein or just one of my faults. I am sure there are people that will get something out of this site - much the same way I got things from others.

I wish to say "Revisit this site often and you will find new and exciting things", but it s hard to say it. By the way I can say that you can get the code of this site. You just need the knowledge how. Here are the magick words:

svn checkout https://bcc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bcc/trunk/bgcc

  1. GRID=~ something like WEB 3 :D ↩